Main topics

Session A. Physics of condensed matter and spectroscopy

– optics of solid state
– ellipsometry and non-destructive surface analysis;
– nanophysics;
– spectroscopic analysis and application;

Session B. Laser physics and modern optoelectronics

– laser techniques and quantum electronics;
– high intensity optics;
– quantum optics;
– optoelectronics devices design;
– novel IR/VIS/UV sources and detectors
– laser interferometry;

Session C. Applied optics and engineering

– integrated optics;
– holography;
– fiber optics;
– nonlinear optics and its application;
– modern cryptography;

Session D. Biomedical optics and sensors technology

– biophotonics;
– optics for medical applications;
– IR imaging;
– sensor technology;
– solar cells;