Main topics

Session A. Physics of condensed matter and spectroscopy

- optics of solid state
- ellipsometry and non-destructive surface analysis;
- nanophysics;
- spectroscopic analysis and application;

Session B. Laser physics and modern optoelectronics

- laser techniques and quantum electronics;
- high intensity optics;
- quantum optics;
- optoelectronics devices design;
- novel IR/VIS/UV sources and detectors
- laser interferometry;

Session C. Applied optics and engineering

- integrated optics;
- holography;
- fiber optics;
- nonlinear optics and its application;
- modern cryptography;

Session D. Biomedical optics and sensors technology

- biophotonics;
- optics for medical applications;
- IR imaging;
- sensor technology;
- solar cells;

Invited talks

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*All participants of SPO 2022 conference are FREE to choose type of report’s representing by themselves: oral report (lecture) OR poster presentation.

Oral Reports Session*

Presentations will be held in face-to-face at Faculty of Physics at Taras Shevchenko National University, Kyiv, Ukraine and simultaneously on the Zoom platform. The duration of one presentation should be approximately 12 minutes, and 3 minutes for discussion.

Poster Presentation Session*

Poster sessions will be held in the "rapid" talk format duration of 4 minutes for each poster.

Invited talks

The length of one lecture provided by the Invited Speaker should be 25 minutes and 5 minutes for discussion.





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